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Tony Robinson, Sr.

Tony Robinson, Sr. is a veteran Real Estate Investor, Mentor and Life Coach residing in Winston-Salem, NC. With more than 22 years of experience in the industry as a landlord, property manager, fixer-upper investor and real estate investment consultant.

Tony navigates all aspects of real estate investment with authority, unsurpassed knowledge and mastery of concepts. Sometimes referred to as the Lease Option King, he is recognized as an expert speaker and mentor teaching novice to seasoned investors how to build and maintain real wealth through the use of real estate investments.

He is an active Real Estate Service Provider, having creatively bought and sold hundreds of homes utilizing techniques such as cash purchase, lease options, subject to investing, owner finance, self-directed IRAs, joint ventures and partnerships. He prides himself on having the innate ability to educate and motivate investors on how to build multi-million-dollar real estate portfolios.

Tony is known for sharing his "Playing Monopoly in Real Life" analogy which simplifies and makes it easy for the layman to overcome fear and "analysis paralysis". Tony believes in a multiple streams of income approach to wealth building. His concept of using a diversified portfolio building strategy is not uncommon, yet not often taught. He will share how you can strategically plan for your retirement and place YOUR financial destiny in your own hands. Tony is adept at getting people to realize that the "JOB RAT RACE" also known as the "American Way" is not the answer.


Tony has operated his family real estate business through Real Estate Investment Corporations and an array of partnerships and private trusts. He and his wife Pam also own and operate a real estate brokerage and property management firm and are co-founders of HouseWay2Wealth, a real estate investment mentoring and training company, focused on helping individuals develop through training, education, accountability and mentoring.


Tony is a repository of information as it pertains to real estate investing. He has served as Board Member and Vice President of the Triad Real Estate Investors Association in Greensboro, NC. He has also worked with the North Carolina Real Estate Investors Coalition on a State and National level in an effort to ensure that the creative strategies practiced by real estate investors are not trounced upon by legislative efforts on behest of consumer protection. Tony was directly involved in the drafting and revisions set forth in the law known as SB1015 which helped Investors in NC continue to have the ability to ethically formulate the creative deal strategies so valuable to this industry.


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