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It's really rare that you go somewhere and they are giving you all of the instruction as opposed to bits and pieces...

 - Ashley Simmons

Completely blown away by the information I gained..

- Kyle Litwin

Words cannot fully express the deep gratitude I feel toward you for what you have shared with me over the past year.  


As a mentor, teacher, counselor and cheerleader you have added unfathomable value to my life - not just my business (but certainly that, too).

— Brad

It was a plethora of information, so much so... I need to go and change and make sure I get them right...

- Dallas the Realtor

Coming to this conference, really was a mind blowing experience because when you think you know, you really don't ...

- Al Naylor

Attending the lease option workshop was a great experience and leaving there I felt I had gained the knowledge to better understand the lease option.


Tony presented the information in a way that is easy to understand and I feel better equipped to use this option going forward. It was a great seminar!

— Rick Cruz

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