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Property Management Workshop


Join us on October 5, 2019 as Tony Robinson Sr teaches on property management.  Learn the proper rules and techniques to protect your property.  Contracts and forms will be included.


There is limited seating for the general public.



The Hawthorne Inn & Conference Center

Winston-Salem, NC

  • Conference Details

    Topics covered include: What it takes to be a successful landlord; Dealing with tenants; Treating your real estate investment as a business; Landlord / Tenant Responsibilities. Understand the basics of property management whether you decide to manage in-house or hire professional property management.  This training will give you a working knowledge of NC Landlord Tenant Law and how to ensure that you comply in a manner that keeps your business profitable. Learn the process so that you are not overwhelmed with negative perspectives on renting based on what you’ve heard. Being a Landlord can be very rewarding and can be a vehicle to increased personal wealth. Learn how to manage your investment properties for maximum profit while providing a tremendous service to the community. Protect your business interests by implementing sound strategies and tools — including leases and addendums — that meet many goals, yet stay within regulatory compliance.


    The dos & don’ts of tenant screening

    Effective techniques to market vacancies

    How to eliminate property showings

    What contracts/ agreements to use.

    How to obtain thorough property inspections for FREE

    Techniques to decrease vacancy & turnover

    Why evictions are your fault

    Summary Ejectment/Eviction Hearings and Appeals

    When to use lawyers…

    Systems to maintain properties and control expenses

    Why you need a Policy Procedure Manual

    How to prevent security deposit disputes

    Fair Housing risk reduction

    How to raise rents without losing tenants

    When to lease long-term vs. month-to-month

    Tenant Incentive Programs (Help them to want to become homeowners)

    Systems to decrease stress and increase profits

    Motivate with a ‘carrot’ as opposed to a ‘stick’


    You Will Receive:

    A Reference Manual that includes our:

    Updated Tenant Application
    Applicant Transaction Disclosure and Hold Harmless Form
    Applicant Evaluation Form
    ACH Rent Collection Form
    Rental Contracts, Forms & Addendums
    Inspection, Rent Roll & Inventory Forms
    Sample Letters to Problem Tenants